Below are several questions we often get from potential clients who are interested in Arahant – and our answers.
With all of the business software options out there why choose Arahant?

Arahant is a good answer for many successful small and mid-size companies (e.g. in the $1 million-$50 million revenue range or other e.g. non-profit organizations) that need to make a change to enhance their business processes with a web-based product that will serve them well for years to come. Right now these businesses typically need specific help with (one or more of) Project Management, Time & Billing, Human Resources, and Employee Benefits.

What are the steps for us to get started with Arahant?

After we show you a demo and you take a thorough look at the software (and we’ll give you unlimited, free access online), you sign a license agreement (that sets out your responsibilities and ours while you use the software.

Is yours a true ERP system?

Yes, Arahant is a type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system but right now provides only a subset of the business modules that you typically find in a multi-million dollar system like SAP or others. We are starting with some of the most valuable components for small and mid-size businesses. But regardless, we’ll help you integrate to your accounting system (e.g. PeachTree, QuickBooks, etc) or other existing software components, as needed.

Can we actually use Arahant software “out-of-the-box?”

You can, but that’s really for you to determine, depending on your specific business processes. Our initial software modules have a significant amount of functionality but you may want additions or changes – or interface with your existing systems (like your accounting package, etc.).

What if we need a good accounting software package too?

Arahant already integrates with accounting packages such as PeachTree and QuickBooks Accounting. Creating an interface to your accounting package is what we specialize in.

Can you integrate with our existing software?

One of Arahant’s specialties is integrating with other systems that you may already own. If your other system has a means for us to integrate with it, we can do the job.

Can the system be enhanced or customized to fit our specific requirements?

Again, this is what Arahant specializes in. Although our system comes highly functional as-is, we are always ready to modify our system in any way in order to meet your specific needs.