The Problems We Solve



Running your business on spreadsheets is a prescription for disaster.


  • Only one person knows how to use certain important spreadsheets. If they left, your business would suffer significantly.
  • There are so many spreadsheets you can’t keep them in sync anymore. You don’t know where the truth lies.
  • Where is the data? Backups? What backups?

Purchasing a large system


  • These systems are extremely expensive.
  • After the purchase, the implementation is extremely time-consuming and extremely costly.
  • There is a huge risk of running out of budget way before the system is fully functional.


Writing your own solution suffers from the following:


  • The cost is very high
  • The time is too long
  • The risk of failure is too real


Off-the-shelf software and cloud services are cheap and highly functional, but they suffer from the following problems:


  • They contain a wide array of functionality, but they miss important features needed by your organization.
  • You have too many silos of information and integrating them has become a full-time job.
  • Third-party software and services come and go. When they go, the cost to switch is exorbitant.


What Arahant provides:


  • A fully functional business process system out-of-the-box.
  • A company behind the product that is dedicated to customizing it to your exact needs:
    • Custom screens
    • Custom fields
    • Custom processes
    • Moble and tablet interfaces
    • Vendor, customer, and internal interfaces
  • The system is hosted in the cloud or at your site.


With our system, you can streamline and simplify your processes while being able to track business data in a form most meaningful to you.


Your in-house or cloud-based business management solution can be customized to meet your particular needs. Avoid the time, risk, and expense of writing your own software.


Our software already contains the bulk of what you need giving you a significant head start for pennies thus eliminating time, cost, and success risks. Add customized mobile and tablet access to the system.

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Software Customized To All Of Your Needs.


The following lists some of the capabilities within the Arahant system. With Arahant, you need only see the pieces that make sense for your organization.

Human Resources

Employee Benefits

Worker Time Tracking

Customer Billing

Sales Prospect Management

Applicant Tracking

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management

Document Management

And More