Time & Billing

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Take the worry out of Time & Billing, forever, and get a better handle on your business.

If Time & Billing information is so critical to your organization, why is it often a tangled mess? With Arahant Time & Billing, you’ll now have every hour and dollar at your fingertips 24/7. Arahant’s Time & Billing is integrated with your other Project Management, HR, Benefits functions (as well as your own accounting system, etc. as needed). With Arahant, now there’s no reason to even think about doing Time & Billing the “old” way again.

With Arahant Time & Billing

  • You can record all types of time including:
    • Client services
    • In-house services
    • Interdepartmental
    • Vacation
    • Sick
    • Personal
  • The system automatically associates time to projects for billing purposes.
  • Once submitted, an employee can no longer change or add to events in the past without supervisor approval.
  • Submitted time goes to supervisor for approval.
  • Upon approval, time flows to your accountant for billing.
  • Time can be rejected and returned at any point.
  • Key data like vacation time, sick time, etc. automatically link to HR.
  • You have the ability to record time from remote locations such as a client’s site or from a hotel.
  • Your accountant can group detail hours in any way to form invoice detail lines.
  • Each invoice line can be written up or down.
  • Additional lines unrelated to hours can be added.
  • Arahant can customize the invoices to your particular specifications.
  • You have the ability to print invoice in PDF format for e-mail ability.
  • You can print invoices with three levels of detail. Invoice data can be transferred directly to your accounting system.

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