Project Management

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Wouldn’t you like to know what’s really happening in your company?

Does your business face managing lots of projects, internally, but have a hard time tracking all of the relevant “who, what, when, where, how much, how long, etc.” details, real-time? Do you also work on projects externally with clients, partners, vendors, and other 3rd parties but struggle with keeping up with all of that important information? With Arahant you can track, monitor, and manage ALL of the tasks and activities that are critical to your business. Now you can know what is going on in any project you’re engaged in…and much, much more – real time and have all of that information linked to your Time & Billing, HR, Benefits (as well as your own accounting system, etc. as needed).

With Arahant Project Management

  • Projects are classified by user-defined category and type.
  • Projects progress by going from one user-defined status to another.
  • User-defined routes specify the path a project takes as it changes status.
  • Route stops can include a department, a client, or a vendor.
  • Full route history is retained. You and your clients can add new projects online for review or estimates.
  • You and your clients can obtain project status online.
  • Internal and external projects are supported.
  • Your clients, department heads, and employees can each see projects which relate to them, what their priority is, and have the ability to view and change status.
  • Document scans may be uploaded or scanned and associated to a project.
  • Ongoing, public and private comments can be recorded and time stamped.
  • Estimated and actual dollars and time are tracked.
  • Estimates and project approvals are recorded and documented
  • Client, company, department, and employee priorities are supported for each project.

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