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Put a powerful “resource” back in Human Resources: information

If people are indeed the lifeblood of your organization, why is key information about them so difficult to track and manage? And why do employees so often cringe when dealing with HR? It’s often about the data, or lack thereof which takes a lot of “resource” out of an otherwise effective HR function. Arahant removes the information hassle for you. Arahant’s HR is integrated with your other Time & Billing, Employee Benefits, Project Management functions (as well as your own accounting system, etc. as needed). With Arahant’s HR you and your employees finally have a reliable source of HR and related information.

Arahant’s HR includes:

  • Demographic and EEO data such as name, address, DOB, SSN, etc.
  • Wage, position, with history
  • Status history (hire, LOA, term, part time, re-hire, etc.)
  • Time-off accrual and history. Linked to our AI engine to allow unlimited flexibility in terms of mirroring company policies
  • Online employee evaluations by supervisor & employee self-evaluation
  • Check Lists – provide status specific list of tasks when employee status change occurs
  • Events – record positive and negative employee events and when they occurred
  • Notes. Record answers to company standard employee questions
  • Scanned documents -- scan in any documents and associate them with an employee
  • Dependent information
  • Employee and dependent benefits (see separate info sheet for full list of benefit system features)
  • Training history and expiration dates

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