Employee Benefits

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Add a benefit that everyone in your organization wants: world-class Employee Benefits information

Does your organization have its own unique set of Employee Benefits? Probably so. Arahant’s HR is integrated with your other HR, Time & Billing, Project Management functions (as well as your own accounting system, etc. as needed). With Arahant’s Employee Benefits, you can offer the convenience of employee benefits enrollment (and access to other Benefits information) for every one of your employees, online. Quite a benefit that they will appreciate.

Arahant’s Employee Benefits include:

  • All types of benefits such as:
    • Medical
    • Dental, vision, etc.
    • Employee life
    • Dependent life
  • All sorts of benefits configurations, for example:
    • Employee only
    • Employee + spouse
    • Employee + 1
    • Family
  • Also, benefits such as:
    • Vacation
    • Sick days
    • Personal time
  • Support of COBRA benefits
  • Ability to export information to your benefits provider(s)
  • Links to our AI engine to support arbitrary complexity in all areas
  • Accurate handling of all kinds of benefit changes associated with:
    • Employee / employee marriages
    • Divorce when both parents are employees
    • Dependents becoming employees
    • Employees terminating or not terminating but becoming dependents of another employee
    • Employee terminates but only dependent wants COBRA
  • Online enrollment: Ability for employees to enroll or request benefit changes online from their homes (or elsewhere) using a web browser – great for open enrollment! Find out more about online enrollment here!

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