Applicant Tracking

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Trying to put the best people in place to get the job done? Let us help you!

Arahant's Applicant Tracking system takes the guesswork out of adding new members to your corporate team.

  • Now you can build jobs in real time that are tailored to the needs of your organization.
  • Have you ever thought that it would be nice to have your open employment positions listed right on website? Now you can! As soon as you build your new position with the system Arahant can deploy the listing directly to your website.
  • Forget all that cumbersome paperwork that traditionally goes with the job application process. The Arahant system not only stores all of the demographic information on your job applicants but also allows them to submit electronic copies of their resumes and letters of recommendation for your review.
  • Use our Questions and Answers Decisioning Tool to quickly sort through your list of candidates to find the right person with the exact qualifications you are in need of.
  • The process cannot be easier for the applicant either! Applicants can apply for positions directly from your website and even add electronic copies of their resume! The best part for you is that all of the information that is submitted by the applicant automatically populates and is organized within your new Arahant system.
  • Our product can even tell you how many times an individual has applied for jobs with your group. It details what positions they were seeking and keeps a historical timeline of what interactions your organization had with them each time.
  • Once you find the right person for the job the transition from Applicant to New Hire is simply done with a couple of clicks of your mouse. Give it a try!

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