Eliminate those segregated “silos” of software, databases & information in the various functions/departments of your business – once and for all

Arahant uses advanced (RIA) web-based technology to enable your business to take a big leap in business automation and information integration. Read more about The Arahant Difference. Arahant software is:


Track & manage ALL of your projects, people, time, billings, benefits & more with our software. Arahant is a single, fully integrated system that includes the following functional HRM/HCM modules: Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Online Enrollment, Time & Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, and Applicant Tracking -- and uses a single database. We’ll develop any interfaces you need to integrate your accounting or other software. No more silos of information and a lot more efficiency & productivity throughout your whole business.


View your information on any browser, but just as importantly, know that your software is designed for today and many years into the future. It’s also:

  • Accessible
    Access key information from any type of 24/7 from any location and any type of machine for your employees, partners, vendors, and customers.
  • Painless
    Forget about loading lots of software on individual machines. All you need is an Internet browser.
  • Secure
    Enjoy the peace-of-mind that Arahant uses the same technology as secure credit card transactions…for only the individuals/groups you approve – employees, contractors, or third parties.
  • Virtual
    Control not only the access levels to specific information at the user or group levels but also enable different views of the information.
  • Advanced
    Take advantage of our Rich Internet Application (RIA) and Web Services (SOA) architecture which is THE direction of software development for years to come. Read more.


Have Arahant customized to your own business model and processes. Besides being incredibly pricey and painful to implement, most ERP’s are known to be pretty static in their functionality. It’s their way or the highway – you must change how you do things. Not with Arahant. We conform to your business and not the other way around. You know that your business is going to keep changing. Why not have software that can change with you?

Ask Yourself:

  • Do we have too many disconnected databases?
  • Do we know which employees and departments are profitable and which aren’t?
  • Do we know what our employees are doing?
  • Are we sure everything is getting billed?
  • Are we being responsive to our customers?
  • Do we know the status of all the projects going on?
  • Are we aware of the critical problems or slipping projects before the complaints come in?
  • And do we know that other pieces of information critical to our business have started falling through the cracks…and that there just too many details not being tracked by our current system(s)?