Central to Arahant are the services that we offer – not just our product. Our services enable you to use the software your business specifically needs – not software for the masses. Unlike other ERP’s, we designed our software so that it can be easily customized…if that’s what you decide that you need.

100% Service Commitment

Nothing is more important to us than to ensure our services are always top quality. At Arahant we are 100% committed to:

  • Being professionals at all times,
  • Listening to what you tell us,
  • Telling you the straight story every time,
  • Providing what we promised,
  • Getting you what we promised on schedule,
  • Responding to requests without delay,
  • Walking the walk – using our own software to work with you in efficiently managing our projects,
  • Communicating by phone or email or in person, depending on what you prefer, and
  • Exceeding versus just meeting your expectations.

Read what clients say our services. We do have the expertise & wisdom to make good on these commitments. Read more about Arahant.

Only the Arahant Services You Need

After you see an initial demo and get access to view Arahant software in more detail, you simply sign a license agreement (that sets out your responsibilities and ours while you use the software). The next important step is for you to tell us your specific business needs and prioritize those. We’ll estimate the hours for the projects you need --- and then provide only the services you tell us to provide:

  • Installation – Installing the Arahant system and database on your hardware servers.
  • Configuration – Configuring the running Arahant system to your particular parameters and setup needs.
  • Data Conversion – Converting data from your legacy systems into the Arahant system.  This often involves the creation and use of custom conversion or import programs.
  • Integration – Integrating the Arahant system with remaining external functional business programs or databases.  This usually involves the development of various interface modules which provide near real-time data interface between Arahant and your other systems that are to remain in operation.
  • Training – Training your staff on the use and administration of the Arahant system.  This can occur at your site, at the Arahant site, or at a neutral location.
  • Consulting – Consulting with you on an as-needed basis to determine additional needs and best use of the Arahant system.
  • Support – Fulfilling any specific support needs you have on an as-needed basis.
  • Customization – Performing client specific customization and enhancements to the Arahant system according to your business needs and what you approve.

Yes, you may decide that you want our software completely out-of-the-box. Each client will want various levels of service: from virtually none to substantial ongoing customization, etc. But again, that will be totally up to you – not us. You always control the cost yourself.

Made in the USA

Arahant is a U.S. company. All software is written and serviced within the U.S. There is no use of off-shore labor.