The Arahant Difference

The Arahant Difference

Technology-wise, you’ll be ready for tomorrow – and way ahead of your competitors — instead of getting even more stuck in the past.

That means you’ll save time, money, and major headaches this year and for years to come – with a system and information integrated across your key business functions & departments. Arahant is the most advanced (RIA) web software available today for tracking & managing your projects, people, time, billings, benefits, etc.. Read more.

You’ll love using Arahant software!

  • It’s super easy, web-based and designed to minimize learning curves for anyone in your business.
  • It works on any computer…a PC or MAC (no new software to install on any of your desktop machines!). Read more.
  • So you can access it remotely, 24/7 from any machine you choose – with the same security that credit card companies use, online.
  • With the new ability to share information across your organization – and with your vendors and partners – you can also control who accesses what, how it is presented per individual, and much more.

You don’t have to change your business model.

You may well be able to eliminate some paper processes that are currently a major pain or decide to change selective processes. Arahant, though, only uses high level technical experts who ensure that Arahant is molded to your needs – not the other way around. You’ll get results that you need when you need them. Manage people and projects a lot more efficiently and effectively with Arahant. Read more about the company.

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