The Company

The Company

“Arahant” (pronounced ahr-uh-hont) is a Far-Eastern word meaning “pinnacle of wisdom,” and that’s where we want to help put each of our customers – so that you may enjoy even greater business success today and into the future. Arahant’s mission is to help you to get “there” by providing advanced web-based software. Established in 2006, Arahant is a Franklin, TN-based company that is targeting successful companies of all sizes that need business automation and information integration without the huge ERP software price tag and other ERP difficulties.

The Arahant principals alone have nearly 50 years of combined experience meeting business automation needs and a long track record of success. We are looking forward in developing the most advanced RIA web-based software on the market – not looking backward, like so many software companies burdened by having to support their own outdated technology and stuck in the past. We are committed to service excellence first and foremost – in meeting your specific business needs. Read what our clients say.

We believe that Arahant has the best HRM/HCM (Human Resources Management/Human Capital Management) Project Management, Time & Billing, Human Resources, and Employee Benefits software functionality on the market today. We use our own system ourselves – and in concert with our clients – and it works great!


Blake McBride, CEO

As founder of Arahant, Blake brings more than 30 years in the software industry where he has served as both a software engineer and corporate executive. He was a co-founder and for ten years a co-owner of INTEGRA Software Systems, a successful mortgage banking software company, where he was responsible for all aspects of creating and managing a software company – and in particular, the technical infrastructure of the company.

Prior to INTEGRA, Blake co-founded and for 14 years served as co-owner and primary technology architect of Florida Software, a company specializing in State tax software for nearly ten thousand clients. He was responsible for all software development and support aspects of the company from both technical and managerial perspectives.